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Why emotional intelligence is critical in today's market

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Many staggering reports flood the internet, newspapers & magazines which state that a high percentage up to 83% of corporate Australia feels chronic stress & anxiety on daily basis & yet while this disease soars across our capital cities in 2018 seemingly nobody is doing anything about it and what's worse we ignore it. What! Why the hell would someone purposefully ignore a threat to their own personal life? Why would an intelligent, sophisticated & well-educated person do that to themselves? This is very strange and makes no sense at all. What makes someone of that calibre completely miss the boat? How did they even miss it due to it being directly in plain sight? Why did they not see the signs prior to impact and what's most astonishing is the fact that during an episode it still went undetected... wow!! How can this be? It's almost like we are speaking about someone with split personality. But no, it is exactly the same person we are talking about, the same smile, the same characteristics, the same Pino Noir on a Friday night after work. The issue is generously missed due to the fact that we as sentient beings have grown exponentially so far into the forward part of our lives where we use logic and analysis to work out what to do next, how to solve problems. The surprise comes when we try to solve issues in the forward part of our minds where no one problem can be solved using logic and analytics. We have to use good old humanness and boy oh boy have we got a real problem with that! The problem is being human. The human race has forgotten how to be human, why has this even happened? I call it the distraction age, our smart-phones, ipads and iwatches are now a part of our everyday life and we are becoming so at ease with having these things right next to us at our beckoning call and it is this stark truth that we as human beings are becoming so lazy so reliant on these devices that new statistics are showing that we are becoming less intelligent, angrier, less consistency, more issues, less focused, more impatient, less time, more stress. It's time to talk folks and yesterday is far too late.

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