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Meeting the Mayor May 2019

Not everyday that one gets a hug from the Mayor of Dandenong! 🤗 And not every day that on an early Wednesday morning a group of inspirational leaders come together for a breakfast and Fundraising for an important cause! So grateful that I can support and will keep on supporting Friends Of Refugees program as they do so much! Always going above and beyond and sometimes themselves having to go without to support the greater good of our refugees!

So grateful for people like Sri Samy to take ownership of the cause and create some certainty to refugees in their new lives!  To Sineth Sareth Sar for always finding ways to help others and organising this opportunity for us all! And big thank you to Roz Blades the Mayor of Dandenong for her involvement and support for a better future! Daniel Cheng for the great Charity Auction! And everyone who has contributed! Friends of Refugees volunteers

Together we can do soo much more good!

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