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12 More days to go before we embark on our Tuk Tuk Ride of Pride! SEPTEMBER 2019

Just remember that when it gets hot, uncomfortable and bumpy through potholes along the way, you just have to Keep Calm...

Foundation of Goodness Tuk Tuk Adventurers 2019 Brad Langdon Michele Hartz Felicity Gibson Karina Mei Dhilharan Sivaratnam Mary Ignatidis Aman Sharma Rajeeva Jayasinghe Thomas Tee EJ Rudge Amalia Vincze Bonnie Power Ishara Fernando David N Ruthenberg Peter Sizeland Liam Eadie Putri Sivaratnam Aynkaran Sivaratnam Michael Mamasis Jesse Loong Mel Attard Bertram R Daniel - R T Edgar OYOB Property Ganga Thakshila Fernando

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