CONSULT EMPOWER was established from the frustration of finding quality and honest investment information in the property market and ancillary services associated with investing.


Once we have discovered the best way through the world of investing we have shared it with friends and family and since we're all about building a global movement of empowering people in the financial aspect of their life so they can create a life that they desire to live.


We have created an Empowerment Hub founded on education and honest information. 


We are committed to building alchemical spaces for investors to create their desired lifestyle. 


We recognize the importance of doing the inner work through increasing knowledge around what it takes to be a successful wealth builder and investor.


It's the quality of information and the expert team around you as an investor that creates our cutting-edge approach. 


Consult Empower continues to grow as a disrupter of the investor industry with neoteric flair to investments and wealth creation. 


Our goal is to help you to make the right decisions now to get you to the life you want to live.

Consult Empower is also proud to be a Doing a Good Business where we help to give back through shared experiences and our work with charities in Australia & Globally 

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90 Hawthorn Grove 

Hawthorn, Victoria

3122, Melbourne Australia 

M: +61 422 231 865


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Our Mission is to Help 100,000 People out of Poverty and Empower them to create their Own Reality

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We are proud to be a Doing Good Business