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We believe in one-on-one property investment coaching as your finances as unique as your fingerprints and so is the strategy to help you get to your dream life.

Rarely you will come across a stranger by chance and years later you thank God for that moment. Amalia is that stranger. If you have met her, you know what I am talking about. Fast forward a few years, now, Amalia is my adviser, my friend, my client, my business partner and most importantly my well-wisher. I started my journey as a mum and dad investor and now with Amalia’s guidance and help, we are working toward our own property development project. Not only advice and guidance, but Amalia also shared her experiences and contacts without expecting anything in return. Amalia is truly a person who thrives on helping others.

Kind Regards,

Sid Business Owner/Accountant 

Sid Mehta
Business Owner Accountant

Amalia is an amazing individual with the knowledge and passion to help others in their journey to financial success. I have had the privilege to be mentored by Amalia 3 years ago where she was my property investing mentor. She has allowed me to leverage her knowledge, experience & network to provide more clarity and confidence in reaching financial independence. Amalia has created an environment where we are able to connect with like-minded people with similar goals while also being able to link us with industry professionals in various areas such as architects, property developers, financial planners, and accountants. 

Warm regards,

David Le Civil Engineer Entrepreneur

David Le Civil Engineer

David Le.jpg

I only knew Amalia briefly when I did reach out to her about one year ago to pitch an idea for a new and innovative idea for an accommodation business to her. She did not hesitate one second and immediately offered me her support. Over to the following months, she did not just support me with valuable advice but also with hands-on action. From digital marketing, managing life events to giving keynotes, she did it all! Since then I often got back to her when I was in need of some more expert advice and support. When she didn’t identify herself to be the best resource for my needs she never hesitated to dive deep into her vast network and connect me with the right person at the right time. Thank you Amalia!

David Hauser 
THNK Innovation


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